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What to Expect from the Life as an Expat in Dubai

Dubai is a city with record-breaking architecture along with man-made islands out of the coastline, which is why you must go sightseeing when you’re in town. There is a certain quality of life, and the beaches and sunny weather are a huge bonus. But if you are planning a life in Dubai you should know what’s really like in such a popular destination.

There is a wealth of experiences expats can endure, however, Dubai is usually highly ranked for security, quality of childcare services and health care. Although “tax-free salary” looks good, unless your company’s willing to pay your rent, start-up costs may be high, as rent has to be paid annually, and schools usually require a year’s worth in advance of starting. It helps to learn some key phrases in their language as it could give your career a turbo boost, although you can live here and never have to speak Arabic if you don’t want to.

You will find the red tape with some things that you can’t do online, and not a lot can be done without the residence visa. It’s OK to drink alcohol, if you have a liquor license for residents, but it is important to keep out of alcohol-related trouble, and never to drink while driving, as they have zero tolerance for that. With the residence visa, you can rent a home and put your children in school.

Life in the UAE is not as restrictive as it may seem, but a certain standard is expected if you wish to stay out of jail, such as covering up in public places, not making rude hand gestures or saving your intimate moments for behind closed doors. There’s more to Dubai in terms of history and culture, and I suggest you make a start by taking a drive out to the camel races. As a long-term expat, I can give some advice about this city where you’ll probably find less money than you might expect or think.

There are some tips you should know when moving to Dubai, and the most important one is to leave your biases behind and get ready to embark on life in this that is full of life and surprises. In order to avoid trouble in this place, although I found it frustrating, you ought to pertain to a sponsorship system that requires married women to obtain permission from their husband to do things such as opening a bank account. You need to prepare for the hustle, as everyone in this city is always busy and expats will often have a long list of all the things they need to get done, errands they need to run and no one can really escape the hectic routine.

If you need to purchase a car and a bit of furniture, you might begin your life here in debt and, according to Dubai Police, many do, as there are plenty inmates in the Central Jail for failing to repay bank loans. A visit to a health clinic must be done every three years, as well.


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